A 48 LQFP to DIP adapter PCB 1

I have been looking at prototyping with some ARM Cortex M4 chips, and many of them use a 48 pin LQFP packaging. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find a decent 48 LQFP to DIP adapter PCB in India. The only one I saw was expensive and designed in a crazy way (4 sets of orthogonal pins) which made it useless for breadboard prototyping. So I decide to create one of my own.

Here are the EAGLE design files:


I have also uploaded the Gerbers to OSHPark so you can order it directly from them:


I plan to place an order myself from OSHPark and will update this post with my results.

Hope someone finds this useful. 🙂

(The rendering of the board is from the fabulous online gerber viewer from mayhewlabs.)