Got an idea for an amazing hardware product? We can help you bring that concept to reality.

Here at Electronut Labs, we’ve cut our teeth on a variety of embedded hardware – AVR, ARM, RF SoCs (BLE/WiFi/sub-GHz), Embedded Linux, various flavours of RTOS, FPGAs – you name it! We’ve worked with microcontrollers and development tools from vendors like NXP, Microchip, Atmel, Nordic Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Cypress, Lattice Semiconductor, and Xilinx. We’ve also worked with a humongous selection of sensors and actuators from various companies.

We understand that hardware is hard, and that a successful launch often needs to bring together expertise in diverse areas such as hardware design, firmware engineering, software development, mechanical engineering, component sourcing, and manufacturing. We have been through similar journeys with many clients. Medical, Retail, IoT, Freight-forwarding, Sports, Automotive, R& D – these are some of the sectors that we have serviced. So when you come to us with a hardware problem, you are in good hands.

Here’s a brief overview of our product development flow.

Product Development 1

Here’s the process flow in a little more detail. Note that some of these activities happen in parallel, and some iterations are usually involved.

Component Selection

Your hardware has features designed to solve specific problems. In this phase, we map these features into engineering requirements by identifying the components needed to implement them. Optimal identification of these components comes from the experience we have in executing similar projects.

Schematic & BOM creation

Once the components have been identified, the next step is to create a schematic for your device, which typically requires us to read a whole bunch of technical data sheets! The schematic creation leads us to the Bill of Materials or BOM – an important document for your project. We always design with manufacturing in mind – a balancing act with conflicting requirements of cost, quality and functionality.

PCB Design

The core component of a hardware device is the PCB, and it has to be designed with care, taking into account factors like signal integrity, thermal resistance, and ease of manufacturing. We have good competency in this area and work with the industry standard Altium Designer, as well as kicad for our open source projects.

Enclosure Design

If your hardware requires an enclosure, we can liaise on your behalf with designers who will help you with both rapid prototyping (eg. 3D printing) as well as injection mould design and manufacturing.

Firmware Development

Firmware is the soul of the hardware, so to speak. Firmware development can be a complex undertaking, a challenge met by our expertise with various chip architectures and toolchains. Our development team follows a structured process flow and adheres to strict coding guidelines and test procedures.


Modern hardware doesn’t work in isolation – there’s often a cloud and mobile component to it. Our exprience with services like AWS IoT and cross-platform mobile development can help you in this regard.

Small Volume Prototyping

Once the PCBs are manufactured, the next step is to assemble and test the boards. We have the equipment to do small volume runs of boards, which saves time in assembly, testing and board bring-up.

Testing & Validation

In this phase, the assembled hardware is tested with pre-production firmware along with any associated software. We work on many projects with stringent power consumption requirements, and doing current measurements at this stage validates whether those goals are met.

Manufacturing Support

Once the hardware is production-ready, we can help you create the necessary test jigs and production testing software for volume manufacturing. Since we have experience in this area with our own product line, we can also connect you to suppliers and OEMs.

Documentation & Support

We have a long tradition of blogging, and we provide extensive documentation and code examples for our products. We will extend the same commitment to your project by providing excellent documentation and timely support.


Once you are ready to launch your product, we would be happy to support you in your marketing, fundraising (eg. crowdfunding), and sales effort via our social media presence.

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