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Here at Electronut Labs, we’ve cut our teeth on a variety of embedded hardware – AVR, ARM, RF SoCs (BLE/WiFi/sub-GHz), Embedded Linux, various flavours of RTOS, FPGAs – you name it! We’ve worked with microcontrollers and development tools from vendors like NXP, Microchip, Atmel, Nordic Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Cypress, Lattice Semiconductor, and Xilinx. We’ve also worked with a large selection of sensors and actuators from various companies.

A hardware product often needs to bring together expertise in diverse areas such as hardware design, firmware engineering, software development, mechanical engineering, component sourcing, and manufacturing. We have been through similar journeys with many clients, as well as our own product line. These experiences led us to offering the following services – Product Development, PCB Design, Firmware Development, Product Customization, and Project Feasibility study. Get in touch with us. Let us help you launch a successful product!

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