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PogoProg Overview

PogoProg is a range of spring-loaded programming adapters from Electronut Labs. These are designed with aesthetics and ergonomics in mind, and can be in a variety of production and prototyping situations. Pogo pins are expensive and inconvenient to source in small quantities, so we believe that providing a pre-soldered inexpensive programmer could be beneficial.

Also available in kit

Nordic nRF52832 BLE development kit

Pogo Prog 1

This offering combines some of our popular products into a cost saving Nordic nRF52832 BLE development kit.

What’s in the Kit?

4 Kits

Pogo Prog 2

PogoProg A

Pogo Prog 3

PogoProg B

Pogo Prog 4

PogoProg C

Pogo Prog 5

PogoProg D

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