hackaBLE is a tiny (~ 18 mm x 28 mm) Open Source Nordic nRF52832 based BLE development board you can embed in your BLE projects. It's designed such that you can use it three ways:

  • On a breadboard
  • On a custom PCB, hand-soldered easily using the castellated 2.54 mm pitch headers
  • On a custom PCB, using a stencil and oven, making use of extra pads underneath the PCB

hackaBLE uses offers more value than just using the BLE module directly - since it incorporates the necessary passive components - including the ones for the buck converter for power saving - and adds an RGB LED and a button for convenience. It's also much easier to solder than the bare modules.


  • Raytac MDBT42 Nordic nRf52832 module with 512k Flash and 64k RAM.
  • Push button
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Passives for nRF52 DC-DC converter
  • Breadboard friendly
  • Pads underneath for more GPIOs
  • Castellated headers for SMD

Getting Started with hackaBLE

hackaBLE is Open Source Hardware, and we've developed a lot of interesting projects around it. To get started, read documentation and learn more, visit the hackaBLE github repository .

Get A hackaBLE!

hackaBLE is available for purchase from our Tindie store . Do email us at info@electronut.in if you have any questions.

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  • Client: Product
  • Date: Oct 2017