Bumpy is an inexpensive Open Source blackmagic probe compatible SWD debugger designed to be used with ARM GDB. It supports many platforms, but was primarily designed for use with our Nordic Semiconductor nRF BLE boards.

When we built our Bluey nRF52 BLE dev board, we were looking for an inexpensive option for our users to upload code to bluey and debug it using ARM GDB. We then came across the blackmagic probe (BMP) project - an Open Source debugging tool for embedded microprocessors. It greatly simplifies the debugging and code uploading process using just ARM GDB - no need to run a GDB server or use an additional complex tool like OpenOCD. Although the BMP hardware is excellent, it's a bit beyond the budget of our target audience as an add-on programmer. So we decided to make use of their liberal open source license and build something that fits our budget, albeit with less capabilities.

Bumpy takes advantage of the ST-Link support of the BMP, and its design is based on both BMP and Chinese St-Link V2 clones available for cheap in the market.


  • STM32F103UBC6 ARM Cortex-M3 chip with 128 Kb Flash
  • Blackmagic Probe Firmware
  • USB type A connector
  • SWD and UART support

Getting Started with Bumpy

Please read the bumpy documentation at our GitHub page to get started with Bumpy.

Get A Bumpy!

Bumpy is available for purchase from our Tindie store . We also provide discounts for bulk purchases. Do email us at info@electronut.in if you have any questions.

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Bumpy Users Around the Globe...

  • Client: Product
  • Date: July 2017