March 02, 2015 | Python , Electronics |

A Python script to talk to the Spark Core

I have been playing around with the Spark Core and am very impressed with the built-in software support from Spark. This is a quick project that uses Python to talk to the Spark Core using the Spark cloud API. I also wanted the Spark Core to sent notifications to my program, and for this I am using Spark.publish() and Server Sent Events (SSE).

Here is a sample run of the program. (You can get the access token from Spark Build IDE.)

$ python --at XXXX_ACCESS_TOKEN --list
[{u'connected': True, u'last_heard': u'2015-02-26T02:17:22.450Z', u'last_app': None, u'id': u'xxxxxxx', u'name': u'yyyy'}]

$ python --at XXXX_ACCESS_TOKEN --listen
Notification: Yo 4 at 2015-02-26T01:59:02.272Z
Notification: Yo 5 at 2015-02-26T01:59:07.278Z
Notification: Yo 6 at 2015-02-26T01:59:12.281Z

You can find the source files for the project here, which has the Python code, as well as a simple Spark Core program for testing notifications. I look forward to playing with the Spark Photon next.


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