Who We Are

Electronut Labs is the creation of Mahesh Venkitachalam - programmer, writer, photographer and electronics hacker based in Bengaluru, India. We are a small business focused on creating innovative electronics hardware.


Need help with a hardware project or product? Drop us an email at We offer consulting services on AVR and Nordic nRF BLE - including hardware design, firmware development, prototyping, PCB design/assembly, sourcing and manufacturing. We can help you bring your product to market!

Our skills

  • Innovation 97%

  • Hardware Design 83%

  • Firmware Development 89%

  • BS 7%

Client Testimonials

Electronut Labs delivered excellent results and in a very short time frame. Our original design concept took a last minute turn and left my team and I with a platform we knew very little about…BLE. Electronut labs was able to write us the code we needed using the hardware that was required and got us up and running. Their documentation of the process was clean and neat. The communication was easy even though we are on separate sides of the world. I will be using Electronut Labs in the future for sure.

Carl – Webb Wheel Products

Over the last year, I’ve had Mahesh work on a web site development project for me. I have been very pleased with the results and the quality of communications with him, and resolving issues with project specifications/requirements. He produced results in a timely manner, provided well written documentation, and communicated fluently in English. He also provided support as needed. I am currently planning to engage him on another project to leverage his skills in Python and embedded processor systems development.

Philip - Fliptronics