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electronut Labs is the creation of Mahesh Venkitachalam - programmer, writer, photographer and electronics hacker based in Bengaluru, India. We are a small business focused on creating unique, useful electronics hardware and educational content for Makers worldwide. You can read more about how electronut Labs came to be at the genesis page.


We are located inside IKP Eden in Bangalore, right opposite to Forum mall, Koramangala.

electronut Labs

Contact Information

electronut Labs
IKP Eden
16, Bhuvanappa Layout
Tavarekere Main Road
Bangalore 560029
Email: info@electronut.in

Company Philosophy

electronut Labs is a non-startup, in the spirit of the book Rework by Fried & Hansson. What we mean by this, is that phrases like “Exit Strategy” and “Series A” have no meaning here. We are a small group of engineers, and our long term vision is to create a viable business with a portfolio of unique and useful electronics hardware. Our only commitment is towards our customers, whom we hope to delight, surprise, and support.

Work Environment

At electronut Labs, we don’t believe in packing people into a tiny room like sardines in a can and cracking the whip. (Talk about fishy analogies!) We believe that really cool ideas in Engineering don’t come out of textbooks, but from a healthy exposure to the creative world of Arts. We want our engineers to be inspired by life, and for that they need to have a life outside of work. When we are at work, we work without distraction from umpteen different beeping gizmos. You won’t find hour long meetings, TPS reports to file, or two-hour lunches here. We go home to the family when there’s still daylight left.


We are very selective about whom we hire. If you have a passion for building things, are comfortable coding up microcontrollers, designing PCBs, building electronics circuits, and have a bunch of published projects on the web, we’d love to hear from you.


The folks that make electronut Labs tick.

Mahesh Venkitachalam, Founder & Chief TroubleMaker.
Smitten with electronics since childhood, Mahesh has managed to make himself even more dangerous by learing some programming. Loves photography, reading (especially Sci-Fi), art, and good cinema. Has a tendency to mutter "comma, space!" while reading articles written by others.
Rishi Shukla, Intern.
Only a few months away from graduation, this young engineer is learning electronics and programming at an alarming rate. He keeps the energy levels high at the lab. When he's not erasing bootloaders, his mind is on sketching, sports, gaming, or motorbikes with large engines.

Advisory Board

Seby Kallarakkal, Business Advisor.
An architect by training and current CEO of Nabler, Seby has a strong interest in Big Data and actionable insights that can be gleaned from its analysis. He has a knack for identifying the core business issue in any technology based effort. He also loves spreadsheets, and gets agitated at inefficient eateries.
Raviprakash Jayaraman, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor.
Trained in Materials Science with a specialization in semiconductor devices, Ravi is our first stop when we want to understand some new technology. He is also a recreational programmer and Linux hacker, and is known to issue occasional threats about going over to the dark side and becoming a Software Engineer.