The madness started in 8th grade. Someone told me that it was possible to cut an LED and make a photocell out of it. Having only a foggiest idea of what that meant, I dragged my dad to the narrow row of electronics shops near the Thrissur railway station. Over the next 3 years, I pretty much could think of only circuits. I didn’t understand much of the theory, but that didn’t stop me from learning soldering and building a whole bunch of circuits ranging from the “clap switch” to a power amplifier. My dad was very supportive of my hobby, and his only concern seemed to be that I was “straining my eyes soldering microscopic components”. It seemed obvious that I would pursue a career in electronics. But as fate would have it, I went on to study Metallurgical Engineering, then Materials Science and finally ended up with a career in Software Development.

Now, a couple of decades later, I am renewing my passion in electronics. This time, I am re-learning electronics from both directions – bottom level hardware (designing sensor circuits), and top level software – programming these tiny computers that talk to sensors. At the same time, I am learning PCB design, and new manufacturing techniques like laser-cutting and 3D printing. What an age we live in! The DIY-ers never had a more powerful set of tools at their disposal.

I have established electronut.in to share my journey in electronics with you. I will be posting my projects here, and when I have something worthy of selling, I’ll put that up as well.

Hope you enjoy your visit.

[electronut is a registered trademark of Visualization Consulting, Bangalore.]