Electronut Labs started as a blog on Electronics and Programming. After a long career in the software industry, Mahesh Venkitachalam wanted to return to his childhood interest in building electronic gadgets. The projects and articles in the blog gained in popularity, culminating in a book with elements of programming and hardware (Python Playground, No Starch Press).

Today, Electronut Labs is a company based in Bangalore. We offer consulting services in Embedded Systems design - helping companies bring their ideas in hardware to market. We are also big proponents of Open Source and education, and our maker products and training courses cater to this market. Our passion for hardware ensures that we're not just content to build for others - we have our own line of well designed, useful products which keeps us at the cutting edge of technology.


  • Hardware Design 95%

  • Firmware Development 98%

  • Software Development 90%

  • Product Development 85%

Mahesh Venkitachalam


Smitten with electronics since childhood. Loves programmming, photography, Sci-Fi and good design. Author of Python Playground (No Starch Press, USA)

Tavish Naruka

Systems Engineer

Breaking things since 5. An EE by education, who loves computers, programming and open source. Reader of Sci-fi and fantasy, listener of jazz and metal, and doodles sometimes.

Sivaprakash S

Hardware Engineer

Siva is a Jedi at soldering. He takes care of all our PCB design and electronics prototyping. His favourite activities are wrestling with kicad and watching quality Tamil movies.

Rishi Shukla

Firmware Engineer

Former Intern and now an integral part of the team, Rishi takes on daily challenges in hardware development with enthusiasm. When he's not erasing bootloaders or routing PCBs, his mind is on sketching, PS4, and motorbikes with large engines.

What our clients say

"Electronut Labs delivered excellent results and in a very short time frame. Our original design concept took a last minute turn and left my team and I with a platform we knew very little about…BLE. Electronut labs was able to write us the code we needed using the hardware that was required and got us up and running. Their documentation of the process was clean and neat. The communication was easy even though we are on separate sides of the world. I will be using Electronut Labs in the future for sure."

- Carl, Webb Wheel Products

"Over the last year, I’ve had Mahesh work on a web site development project for me. I have been very pleased with the results and the quality of communications with him, and resolving issues with project specifications/requirements. He produced results in a timely manner, provided well written documentation, and communicated fluently in English. He also provided support as needed. I am currently planning to engage him on another project to leverage his skills in Python and embedded processor systems development."

- Philip, Fliptronics

"Electronut Labs has developed a great solution for wireless monitoring of sensors. The integrated solution encompassed interfacing hardware, embedded code and an android app for monitoring the sensor. The entire system was delivered in a compact custom package in a very short time frame. Will definitely engage with them for our hardware projects."

- Raviprakash, HUL